Founded in 1999 by Dr. Walter Zeinal, the Firm “Zeinal Lawyers” has held for the past 16 years in a highly competitive national and regional square that every day requires more demanding and excellence in its services, maintaining a skilled, specialized and stable team of professionals committed to the firm and its values.

This accumulated asset was enhanced because of the requirements of a new globalized economy. We feel safe to say, and that gives us peace of mind, that we fully comprehend the needs of our clients and accompany them properly in the solution of their concerns.

We are proud to have merged into the various areas of practice experience accumulated over the years with the imprint of new generations that impose the need for constant innovation.

Our customers recognize to receive quality services, ethics and confidentiality, be imaginative and pragmatic in solving problems. We are convinced that only by forming the best team and indicating a specialist in the matter, we can attend properly each of the situations that arise day by day.

In that way we have maintained high levels of fidelity and homing in local and international markets. We can proudly say that our customers are our best partners, because the trust placed along all these years is the basis of our position in the market for legal services.

Similarly, our law firm is a place of opportunity for generating business, and in such sense we have accompanied the growth of the country. We have extended our areas of practice and feel comfortable advising and channeling domestic and foreign investments through various areas.


Plaza Independencia 822 apto. 301
TEL.FAX: (+598) 29044140 al 43